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Aquazzure Fragrance Diffuser (10 ml)


  • The fragrance as the name – Aquazzure suggests has a blast of watery freshness with faint floral nuances.
  • It can be effectively placed in any corner of the room.

Note: 10 ml / 50 ml / 100 ml Multi-Purpose Aroma Oil can be used as refills for diffusing newer fragrances.

Variant: Aquazzure
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  • Imparts freshness in your bedrooms, cars & offices.
  • Can be placed on the dressing table or even the study table.
  • Livens up the dull environment by adding the reviving fragrance into the rooms.


  • Replace the original bottle cap with the wooden cork.
  • Use the disc-shaped tape and fix it at the base of the bottle to stick the bottle.
  • Let the wooden cork soak in the fragrance before it diffuses the scent.
  • Once the entire fragrant oil gets diffused, refill the diffuser with the same /new variant.


  • Always use the supplied wooden cork for fragrance diffusion.
  • For using a new aroma variant – boil the wooden cork in water for some time till all the previously soaked aroma oil gets volatilised. The cork is now ready to diffuse new aroma oil.
  • Do not expose it directly to sunlight.

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